Home Learning

POPEY is now creating Home Learning Resources for K-3 students.  Our Home Learning Menus below include suggestions for activities and experiences that can support children’s literacy development at home, as well as considerations for social-emotional learning. 

POPEY has also created some supplementary resources for children to use at home when they’re engaged in literacy activities; these are located in the right column below.  

Generally speaking, primary-aged children are being encouraged to spend about *20-30 minutes a day engaged in literacy activities (such as reading, writing, oral language, and/or playing with words). Our menus provide primary children with flexible and open-ended options: a “buffet menu” to pick and choose from, rather than a “to-do list

*We understand that this 20-30 minute guideline may need to be adjusted for individual children and parents, depending on each family’s unique circumstances.

For tips on downloading and/or printing these POPEY resources from various Mac and PC browsers, check out our video tutorials here.


Home Learning Menus Additional Documents & Resources
Tips For Home Learning Alphabet Chart (with clip art images)
  Alphabet Chart (with photos)
Home Learning Menu #1 Beginning Blends Chart
Home Learning Menu # 2 Ending Blends Chart
Home Learning Menu # 3 Feelings Chart
Home Learning Menu # 4 Persuasive Writing Anchor Chart
Home Learning Menu # 5 Supporting Beginning Readers at Home
Home Learning Menu # 6 Supporting Beginning Writers at Home
Home Learning Menu #7 Word Families Chart
Home Learning Menu #8 Mood Metre
  Vowel Teams Chart
  Short Vowels Chart
  Short and Long Vowels Chart
  R-Controlled Vowels Chart
  Tips For Writers... "How Do You Spell...?"
  Tips For Readers... "What Word Is That?"
  Supporting Playful Learning
  Book Chat
  All About Feelings Activity Package
  Personal Awareness & Responsibility: Student Self-Assessment Resources
  Positive Personal & Cultural Identity: Student Self-Assessment Resources
  Social Awareness & Responsibility: Student Self-Assesment Resources