new from POPEY

As many of you read at the end of last school year, we announced our renaming from POPEI (Provincial Outreach Program for Early Intervention) to POPEY (Provincial Outreach Program for the Early Years). We are thrilled with this inclusive renaming - especially as we’re still pronounced pop-ee smiley

WIth our renaming, we have launched a refreshed website at

So, please update your bookmarks! Please see below for updated email addresses too.

We also took this opportunity to refresh and revamp many of the documents we’ve created for educators over the years.

Highlights include:

K-3 ELA Curriculum - with elaborations embedded in the text


Literacy Instructional Strategies - our list of inclusive classroom strategies for differentiated instruction and additional support

And many more!

We hope that our resources will continue to provide support for you & your kids.