Professional Learning Opportunities


by December 7 - Early Learning Framework Documents & Feedback

BC’s Ministry of Education Early Years department is working diligently to update the Early Learning Framework.

A draft of the Revised Framework is available for educators and parents to examine and to provide input.

Another draft document available is a how-to guide on play - Play-Today Handbook

Designed to help support educators and parents include play in learning experiences for kids from birth to 9.

The Ministry is accepting feedback via an online survey until December 7, 2018 - so please provide your input to help shape the final versions!

December 13 - Caring for You Workshop

This ​Heart-Mind Well-Being: Caring for You Workshop promotes social emotional learning, personal wellness, and adult self-care through the lens of DLC’s Heart-Mind Well-Being Framework. We know from the research that it is essential that we take care of ourselves and foster our own well-being so that we have the capacity to nurture it in the children in our lives.



January 26 & 27 - Joyful Literacy Summit

Join international speakers and BC educators for workshops on play-based strategies for additional support for K-1 students in the classroom setting.

January 25 - Social Emotional Learning for Teachers

Learn to build mind-body awareness and other valuable tools to help deal with common behavioural issues in the classroom, as well as help to reduce your stress and fatigue as a teacher.