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Ruth Culham’s new book - Teach Writing Well

Ruth was the Keynote Speaker at POPEY’s 2018 Conference and we are thrilled her new book is now available!  In it, she focuses on how to teach writing and revision in a way that’s accessible to both teacher and students: First read the writing, assess it using the traits of writing, then teach the writers and guide revision decisions using traits as a common language and map.

In September, the Canadian Children’s Book Centre announced the finalists for eight major awards for children’s books. The nominated books represent some of the very best work by Canadian authors and illustrators from across the country. You can see which books are nominated here - and the list of winners here




Blog Posts/Articles:

Curiosity is key to early childhood success in math and reading

In this Science Daily article, the author references research that indicates “the promotion of curiosity may be a valuable intervention target to foster early academic achievement.” Can we support children in their discovery of joy and foster the motivation to seek answers?    

What’s Going on in Your Child’s Brain when You Read Them a Story?

An article worth sharing with parents; highlights the importance of emergent literacy and the brain research supporting the power of “just right” storytelling that includes pictures and key visuals to scaffold children’s understanding.

Why We Need to See Each Other Teach

As educators, we are very comfortable spending our days teaching in front of our students, but the thought of a colleague watching us teach may instill fear or panic.  However, if we can get past the discomfort, opening our doors to other teachers can be a fantastic source of professional development. Seeing each other succeed and fail can help promote more supportive relationships with our colleagues, as well as spur on our own growth as educators.





Shelley Moore, BC’s very own inclusion advocate has launched Five Moore Minutes, her new website with videos dedicated to empowering schools and classrooms to support ALL learners! This website is designed with teachers in mind, offering resources, research, professional development activities and inspiration in 5 minute chunks!

This video of brilliant 4-year old Caleb Stewart giving a speech about the importance of reading is one of the biggest hits in our workshops so far this year. Listening to him advocate for daily reading and the adventure it brings him is truly inspirational!