What is POPEY Reading?

We have been lucky to stumble upon a few really terrific blogs, articles & podcasts the past few weeks...enjoy!


It’s Time to Reconnect

Helping students build relationships with each other is a key to creating an optimal learning environment, and the safer students feel, the more learning challenges they will embrace and the more collaborative they will be. We can build positive relationships in our classrooms by giving students opportunities to get to know each other’s talents, interests, and stories.


The Most Important Part of Strategy Instruction

This blog post from the Lesley University Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative reminds us that strategy instruction should be an instructional mainstay, and invites educators to reflect on five key considerations for developing strategic readers in the classroom.


Podcast - Mentoring New Teachers - Fitting It All In

Teachers are engaged in some of the most complex work imaginable.

Fitting it all in is a topic we discuss often in our workshops. The publishing company Stenhouse has started a podcast series to help mentor new teachers, and the first in the series is called “Fitting It All In”....let’s be honest - we probably all need a bit of help with this - not just new teachers!


Create Passionate Readers

In this Literacy Leadership Brief from the International Literacy Association, they share strategies for independent reading that increase student engagement and encourage students to discover a passion for reading. Suggestions are also provided for the teaching side of independent reading (instruction, coaching, and feedback) to extend inquiry and stimulate additional reading


Heart-Mind Valentines for Compassionate Love

The Dalai Lama Centre’s Heart-Mind Well-Being Framework fits beautifully with BC’s Core Competencies.

Explore how Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be just about 1 day & 1 special person.

Explore opportunities to cultivate compassionate love for family & friends though the quality - Compassionate & Kind.