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Little Readers, Big Thinkers

From Stenhouse Publishers: “Young learners are full of questions and wonderings, so much so that sometimes they need a guide for their curiosity. With Amy Stewart’s manageable approach to close reading, you’ll be able to harness the big thinking we know is inside their inquisitive minds. Stewart, a Chicago-based literacy coach and teacher, showcases ways that close reading can teach even the youngest students new ways to enjoy texts, think about them critically, and share that thinking with peers and adults.”


Dr. Marcia Tate, Keynote Speaker at POPEY’s March 2019 Conference, has a new book out: 100 Brain-Friendly Lessons for Unforgettable Teaching and Learning (K-8), using brain- and research-based learning to engage students and maximize learning. Dr. Tate includes sample lessons in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies; and poses five questions that teachers should ask and answer when planning brain-compatible lessons.