This Week’s Home Learning Resources!

You can now find all of POPEY’s Home Learning menus and resources on our newly launched Home Learning page


We are happy to share POPEY’s Home Learning Menu #3 with you!

Generally speaking, primary-aged children are being encouraged to spend about *20-30 minutes a day engaged in literacy activities (such as reading, writing, oral language, and/or playing with words). Our menus provide primary children with flexible and open-ended options: a “buffet menu” to pick and choose from, rather than a “to-do list.”

*We understand that this 20-30 minute guideline may need to be adjusted for individual children and parents, depending on each family’s unique circumstances.

For the first time, we’ve also created short videos! This week’s videos demonstrate what our Making Words activity can look like for children at different stages of literacy development (links for these videos are in Menu #3).

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POPEY has also created some additional documents and resources
that support literacy Home Learning activities:
Alphabet Chart (with clip art images)
Alphabet Chart (with photos)


Earlier this month, we created “Tips for Home Learning,” which includes considerations for supporting learning at home by creating family routines and learning plans that factor in everyone’s well-being, and give children a say in their home learning activities. 
This document also includes a brief list of suggested experiences to support literacy development at home.

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And if you didn’t already see them, check out POPEY’s
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