POPEY's 2021-22 Workshop Schedule

POPEY is pleased to announce that we have finalized our 2021-22 workshop schedule.  We will be offering free online workshops starting on September 2nd and 3rd, as well as continuing with our after-school specials, three online sessions on the October 22nd Pro-D day, and online workshops on popular pro-d days. These workshops are all open to educators across all BC school districts, and registration is open now.

We are also very happy to be returning to face-to-face workshops, and have scheduled eight regionally-based full-day workshops around BC. These will include a morning workshop where we explore creating a learning environment that incorporates play, place-based learning, exploration, curiosity, and student voice & choice. In the afternoon, POPEY will facilitate a collaborative planning, networking and discussion session that builds on the morning’s work. 

*Registration for these regional in-person workshops will become available in the fall, once we have confirmed venues for each workshop.

As always, both our online and face-to-face workshops include a balance of direct instruction, modelling and demonstrations, and lots of opportunities for interactive engagement. We focus on how to maximize student engagement and build on student strengths in an inclusive classroom setting.

 Come join us for some fun and engaging professional learning! 

Please click HERE to view our workshop poster, and use the links there to register for any sessions you are interested in.