What's POPEY Reading? P1

We often talk in workshops about how lucky we are to be able to explore a wide variety of literature in our roles. Both books for use in the classroom, and professional resources. Below are some new favourties that have recently made their way on to our shelves!

Mentor Texts/Read Aloud

We Are All Connected Series - Strong Nations
In a wonderful new series by one of our favourite publishers, Strong Nations. “We Are All Connected” is a series that explores how we all live together in a shared balance upon Mother Earth. Each book explores a specific ecosystem with a focus on one animal and its adaptations for survival within that ecosystem.

The Six Cedar Trees - Strong Nations
Another new offering from Strong Nations, the story looks at 6 different Coast Salish animals, through the eyes of Eagle, and examines the lessons each of these animals teach us. Each animal personifies one of our BC Core Competencies, which allows students to examine themselves to develop deeper understanding.

What Do You Do with a Chance? - Kobi Yamada
HOT off the presses is Kobi Yamada’s latest book. Many of you have read What Do You Do With An Idea? in our workshops with us, and in his latest book, Kobi examines risk taking...what happens when you don’t take a chance, and what can happen when you do. A perfect read-aloud to examine risk-taking and various Core Competencies facets.