Core Competencies Updates!

Over the summer, the BC Ministry of Education finalized the Core Competencies resources, with a few adjustments to the draft version that we are all familiar with, and have been using the past few years.

Noteworthy changes include breaking out the Communication competency into two inter-related sub-competencies: Communicating and Collaborating.

The Thinking competency is still broken out into two inter-related sub-categories - Creative Thinking and the newly updated Critical and Reflective Thinking.


There continue to be three sub-competencies for the Personal and Social competency: Personal Awareness and Responsibility, Positive Personal and Cultural Identity, and an updated Social Awareness and Responsibility competency.

All three competencies include some refined language around their Facets (including action-oriented titles/descriptors), Profiles, Connections, and Illustrations.

There are also considerations for Students, Teachers, and Parents/Guardians, as they all share responsibility for the ongoing development of the Core Competencies.

POPEY has updated its Core Competencies resources, including the Student-Friendly  Core Competencies Overview and the Core Competencies Facets Summary, to reflect these changes by the Ministry.